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As you have stated that this vehicle is not affordable taking in to account your income, expenditure and the monthly cost for the vehicle, we are sorry but we are not able to progress your application


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Treating Customers Fairly

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As you have responded No to this question, we are unable to progress your application at this time. A finance agreement is a legally binding long-term financial commitment and it is essential that you fully understand what this involves. Please contact us so that we can discuss this further with you.



Terms and Conditions 

The prices quoted on the Company website include VAT if personal leasing and exclude VAT if business leasing. If the rate of VAT changes between taking the offer and supply of the Vehicle, the Company will adjust payments accordingly. Prices on the Company website include delivery to the Customer's chosen UK destination, Road Fund Licence for the term, Vehicle Registration Charge and number plate. A non-refundable vehicle sourcing fee will be applicable, written details available on request, all prices quoted are subject to status, manufacturers price increases and interest rate fluctuations.

Please note that the monthly rental/lease price includes the cost of delivering the vehicle BY DRIVING to your specified address, provided your address is situated on the UK mainland. Certain delivery locations may incur an additional delivery charge.

The Company reserves the right to change the price, either before or after a Vehicle offer is made. The Company will inform the Customer of any changes and the Customer has the right to cancel their order if the changes are not acceptable.

The prices shown on the Company website are strictly for information purposes only and do not and can not constitute any offer by the Company which is capable of acceptance by the Customer.

The Customer's offer of a Vehicle from the Company website is an offer made by the Customer. All offers are subject to acceptance by the Company, price changes, availability and the payment of a fee in accordance with the Customer's accepted offer. If the Vehicle the Customer has ordered is not available, the Company will contact the Customer to offer an alternative. If the Vehicle the Customer has ordered is available and the Company accepts the Customer's offer, the Company will contact the Customer to request payment of a fee for the Customer's Vehicle order.

The Vehicle specifications found on the Company website have been supplied by the Vehicle Manufacturers and have then been formatted by the Company for their use. While the Company has made every effort to ensure the data is accurate, the information on the Company website should only be used as a guide and under no circumstances should a purchasing decision be made without verification of the data from the Manufacturer. All images on the Company website are for illustration purposes only.

Once the Company is in receipt of the correct financial documentation, the Company will arrange delivery of the chosen Vehicle to the Customer. Local registration of Vehicles is not possible and all delivery dates stated are subject to change by the Manufacturer.

On occasion, delays do occur due to a production issue. Car & Van Lease Supermarket will keep you informed of any known changes to your vehicle delivery date, to allow you to make any necessary arrangements as a consequence.

Car & Van Lease Supermarket has no control or influence over manufacturer lead times and will not accept any responsibility for any losses or inconvenience caused because of a delay from the manufacturer. 

Your vehicle will be delivered in a driven condition to your specified address, provided your address is situated on the UK mainland. If you require Vehicle Transported Delivery (whenthe vehicle is delivered on a trailer/transporter) this can be arranged but an additional charge may be made.

Car & Van Lease Supermarket is a licensed independent credit broker and as a result of your application, you may be credit searched by more than one potential lender. We can introduce you to one of our carefully selected panel of lenders and will not refer you outside of this panel. We may receive commission payments from the lender if you decide to enter into an agreement with them.

Nothing in the conditions stated above will affect your statutory rights.


Any cancellation instruction issued by the Customer must be received by the Company in writing to Car & Van Lease Supermarket, 60a Bridge House, Waterside, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 1UD.

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Date: 29/11/2021
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