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Real-world, company car driving in a Tesla 3. Tony Murtaghs short journal of a typical, long days driving on electric.

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I took a real-life, everyday thing - like a trip to Wales from the Midlands and did it in an EV yesterday. Thanks to our friends at Tesla & Adam Williams - I used a Model 3 for the 230-mile round trip.

The journey was a pleasure - you can only call this car brilliant.

It is different - in a traditional sense, it's very well constructed, handles superbly and is faster than anything most of us have ever experienced before. It's also different in a new way; cameras galore and tonnes of other technology that helps and delights you.

The only change to my regular routine was a little forward planning for this long trip - which is a doddle via the App Store. Once set up, there was no disruption to a normal day. Every other trip is the same as any other car, but better - because it's an EV. I just feel better when I'm driving something that doesn't add to all the other crap we throw at the planet.

This car does not cost any more than the equivalent prestige, executive saloon. If you're unsure - contact me and I'll explain the why and the how. Clue - 3.04 pence per mile in fuel.

I have one gripe, Tesla - in the 20 minutes to top up on energy and do some e-mails - how is someone like me supposed to resist the temptation of fast food?


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14th of April 2020