The Best Cars to Drive in Winter

Even though snow is pretty rare in the UK, having a car that can tackle any variety of winter weather is a sound investment. Depending on where you live, you might find that your current vehicle can’t handle the tricky driving conditions that the winter brings, from sleet to snow to hail to frost. And whilst winter tyres might be a decent short-term solution, investing in a new car that can tackle the winter weather could be the best decision you make.

What are the best cars to drive in winter?

1. Range Rover Evoque R-Dynamic P200


4x4’s are often touted as one of the best cars for tricky winter driving – and the Range Rover remains one of the undisputed kings of the off-roaders. With its four-wheel drive technology as standard, the Range Rover Evoque has an in-built system that chooses the right driving mode for you depending on the terrain you find yourself in – so no having to stop and make the adjustments yourself.

2. Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4


Challenging winter driving might just be a thing of the past with Vauxhall’s Grandland blended 4X4 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). One of Vauxhall's first hybrid vehicles, the Grandland X has great driveability and strong in-gear acceleration and features an optional IntelliGrip traction control system within the car. Drivers can choose from multiple modes for complete control over the front wheels – great for driving in tricky snow or icy conditions.

3. Dacia Duster SUV


If you’re looking for a family car to take to the road, the Dacia Duster SUV gives you comfort and security without sacrificing style. With an optional built-in four-wheel drive, this car is a great choice for difficult terrain or slippery conditions while driving. Compared to other SUV’s, the Dacia Duster is comparatively cheaper, making it a very budget-friendly option for leasers.

4. SEAT Tarraco


Another great option for a family car, this seven-seater from SEAT. The Tarraco offers four-wheel drive to help you handle tricky terrain. It also has a built-in controller that allows you to change the driving mode – which includes snow and off-road driving, so you’re covered wherever you’re driving. It was also given a five-star safety rating by the Euro NCAP.

5. Kia Sorento


Another SUV with a lot of style behind it, the Kia Sorento has been given excellent safety ratings by the Euro NCAP and offers a sizeable car with plenty of comfortable extras and security for winter driving. Their vehicle stability management system comes as standard, which can correct steering and stability control of the vehicle – great if you happen to get in trouble with some ice. It also has assistance for hill starts to reduce the potential for problems if you get stuck.

6. BMW 3 Series


Of course, if you want stylish, there’s no better place to look than the BMW 3 series, which will give you excellent winter weather driving without sacrificing a classy exterior. The car is a great ‘all-rounder’; it is well-built, with built-in features that’ll keep the car moving as smoothly on summer roads as it does on winter ones. Its xDrive system, which helps regulate wheels and breaks for smoother driving, is also included in this car.

7. Toyota Land Cruiser


A seven-seater family vehicle, the Toyota Land Cruiser offers four-wheel driving that’s almost made for snowy conditions. Blending together the onboard electronics with the actual make of the car, it’s designed with security in tougher terrain in mind. If you can forgive slightly less inspiring interiors, the engine and capabilities of the Land Cruiser make it a great option for a family car, especially if you live in an area where the weather can be more unpredictable over the winter months.

8. Audi A4 Allroad


Quiet, sleek and oh so comfortable, the Audi A4 offers safety and style in one beautiful package without sacrificing any space on the inside, so it’s great for smaller families. This particular model has been designed for any terrain – hence the name ‘Allroad’. Equipped with additional four-wheel drive capabilities and, in some models of the car, an adjustable suspension, your drive will be smoother than ever. There are multiple versions of the A4 Allroad, so whatever your budget, there will be an option for you. Although you may find the in-car technology is a smidge older in some models than others.

9. Fiat Panda 4X4 Hatchback


If you’re looking for a car for everyday driving – not just the difficult winter conditions – the Fiat Panda with 4X4 capabilities gives you plenty of bang for your buck. Because of its off-road abilities, this car is perfect for cross-country and city driving, so no matter where you are, you’re going to have a comfortable ride. Though it’s perhaps not as generous as others on this list when it comes to space, its start-stop technology and excellent comfort options make it a great choice for a sturdy, all-year-round vehicle.

10. Volvo XC90


It’s no surprise that Volvo – a Scandinavian car company – know a thing or two about designing cars that handle snow and ice without a second thought. Another car with a five star Euro NCAP rating, its pilot assist and emergency braking controlled by the car are a great way to keep you safe and confident while driving. The tyres also give you a great grip on trickier, icy roads. You’ll also be pleased to hear that the volvo XC90 comes with seat warmers – which will make trekking out on cold, dark mornings feel a little more pleasant than before.

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