Making The Move To Electric Vehicles Easy

New research shows Electric Vehicles are becoming more mainstream and desired by drivers and consumers. Anyone can have an electric vehicle, if you know what to look out for. At Car Lease Supermarket, we’re here to make the move to electric vehicles painless and easy.

The truth is that many drivers are finding that electric cars are a real, everyday, and practical alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles. Car buyers are shifting their thinking to become more accepting of electric vehicles, and you may be too. Learn more about what you need to know to make the move to electric vehicles easy.

Electric Vehicles in Detail

A hybrid vehicle uses two or more separate systems to propel the vehicle forward, with these systems either working in tandem or separately. On the other hand, you can go completely green by going gasless with a full electric vehicle (EV). Likely the best-known of the EVs is Tesla, which has successfully released and marketed a variety of sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. Although the initial purchase price of an electric vehicle may be higher, these vehicles generally require less maintenance over time than gas-powered cars. Both the repair and maintenance costs tend to be lower.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

There are several benefits of owning and driving electric vehicles that you should be aware of and understand. These points may inspire you to want to invest in one yourself, and the move to driving one may be easier to make and digest.

  •         Low carbon driving.
  •         Improved air quality in the communities where you live.
  •         Improving our environment for future generations.
  •         Cheaper to run and maintain.
  •         Safety improvements.

Less Time Spent Dealing with Your Car

According to Plugless, “Electric vehicle drivers end up doing 88% of charging either at home or at work. That means electric vehicle drivers don’t spend a whole lot of time refueling. Electric car drivers spend their time sleeping. Or working (or some combination of the two). In the meantime, the car is refueling for them.” Overall, you spend less time dealing with your car such as fueling it up and a lot less maintenance. There’s no need to visit a gas station to fuel up your vehicle or get an oil change.

What Sets Us Apart

Here at Car Lease Supermarket, our expertise is unique because we have energy and carbon experts in our business, and none of our competitors has this breadth of knowledge. Only Car Lease Supermarket can advise on electric vehicle choices, cost advantages, charger types, and energy costs in the same business.

Our site is where you will find all of the best leasing deals, in one place. Car Lease Supermarket is here for business users, fleet customers, company car drivers, and anyone taking a personal lease contract, or PCH. We encourage you to give us a call or visit our website to learn more about leasing and driving an electric vehicle. Use your website to request a quote today. Any make, any model.