Ford Focus 1.0 ecoboost Titanium review

Ford Focus 1.0 ecoboost Titanium Review

The Focus was originally launched back in the 90’s and after many facelifts and model changes, in my opinion this is the best one yet. In 2020 it has been inside the top 5 best selling cars in the UK. The comfort and looks of the Focus make it a top contender in the “hot hatch” category.

Inside the Ford Focus

The Focus Titanium has lots to offer, the standard features on the model make it stand out from it’s peers. Included in these are; Heated front seats, DAB Radio, front and rear park assist, cruise control, Sat Nav and the heated windscreen which is a God send on those cold mornings! The 8” touchscreen in the middle of the dash is simple to use, with DAB, Sat nav and Apple Car play available. The facelift model is roomier in the back and you can sit comfortably behind the driver and passenger with ample leg room. Having a young family a pushchair fits easily into the boot without having to put it in a certain way for everything to fit!  


How it drives 

The 1.0 engine is perfect for both motorway journeys and around town, you definitely don’t feel like it’s “just a 1 litre engine”. The other engines available do offer more poke but for me, I’m happy with the 125. The auto handbrake is released when you drive away, so is perfect if you sit in some traffic for your commute.


My verdict 

This is a perfect family car, it’s roomy and has everything that is needed. The engine is quiet and the car feels much bigger than a hatch.