Audi A4 Saloon 35 TSI S-Line S-tronic Review

Audi A4 Saloon 35 TSI S-Line S-tronic Review

Anthony Clark - Operations Manger - Egnida Vehicle Solutions

I've always been a huge fan of Audi cars, and just over a year ago I picked up a brand new A4 Saloon and it hasn't disappointed. With some of the best styling both inside and out, it's a great looking car but you really feel this high quality when behind the wheel too.

On its launch in 2016 it won overall Car of the Year and has gone from strength to strength with both personal and company car buyers alike. There have been a number of updates during this time, refining and adding to both the already high levels of quality and efficiency which you'd come to expect from a premium German manufacturer. 

Standard specification on this car was great - LED front and rear lights, heated seats, tri-zone climate control (great for keeping me cold and the rest of the family warm on long journeys!), full DAB/Bluetooth/Apple CarPlay integration, automatic sensors for just about everything - there wasn't really anything I wanted to add to the car at all.

The car when I purchased it was c32k in Navarra Blue with 19" 10 spoke turbine alloys - and they really look the part. I secured a strong offer on this car at the time and feel the value of driving a compact executive car which doesn't break the bank either.

Inside the Audi A4 Saloon

The interior of the A4 is by far one of the best for this class of vehicle. Soft touch, premium materials are found all though the cabin, with every switch and dial made to feel premium. One of the things I like most are the touch capacitive buttons which bring up different menus as you touch them, allowing you to then flick between settings for AC, fan speed and climate control zone settings.

The seats are comfortable and easy to adjust, giving you lots of flexibility to make sure you find the best driving position. I opted for the standard part leather, part alcantara trim as a preference but you can upgrade to full leather should you wish. For long journeys there is additional knee supports on the front seats and a manual lumber control as needed. 

The automatic gear selector is a thing of beauty, well designed and again very premium feeling. One of the main reasons for choosing the A4 was the interior and every aspect has been thought out.

While all of the in-car entertainment is easy to navigate on the move, my only gripe is the power from the speaker system. The standard speakers are ok, but bass is lacking so if you're into your music you may want to consider an upgrade here to make the most of the car.

Space in the boot is great for a saloon car, much better than a 3 Series or C Class in my opinion. While we've had not issues as a family with young children, it is still a saloon, not an estate or SUV. If you have a very young family and need to carry lots around including a pushchair etc, I'd recommend the Avant to cover all bases.


How it drives

When looking at my options, I knew the petrol engine mated to Audi's S-tronic gearbox would be my preference. I'm not a speed demon and the 150BHP engine is more then sufficient to give power when needed and frugal economy around town. You can get the A4 in a number of different engine powers, with the 40 being 204BHP and the 45 at 265BHP (2020 MY).

I opted for the S-line model for the look of the cars exterior and branded seats, knowing that I would sacrifice a little ride comfort at times. Overall the S-line suspension can be firm especially over speed bumps etc, but most of the time it handles bumps on the UK roads without an issue.

The gearbox on this car does a great job of working through the gears based on your driving style or how you've set up the car to perform. You get Audi Driver Select which enables you to set up the cars dynamics just how you want them This ranges from the steering sensitivity, engine mode (comfort or sport/dynamic modes) a mix of both or you can let the car chose for you based on speed and how you're driving at the time. 

This model also comes complete with MHEV - Mild Hybrid system. This function actively helps save you fuel but telling you when to lift of the accelerator when coming up to an island for example, and the car slows down accordingly while harvesting energy from the braking system. It can also cut the engine if your traveling fast enough and have momentum to carry on without losing speed. This works great for me both in traffic and long journeys helping to save a little on fuel consumption.


My verdict

There is so much I like about this car, and really very little which I can find to go against it. 

It has style, premium finishes and the sportiness to have a little fun in the corners where it delivers heaps of confidence. It's easy to live with day to day, covers family and work life while being affordable to the pocket.

For anyone looking at this segment of vehicle, you'd definitely want to see this car in the metal as I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed.