3-day trial in a Jaguar iPace. Tony Murtagh diarises a regular week in this fantastic car

3-day trial in a Jaguar iPace. Tony Murtagh diarises a regular week in this fantastic car.  

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I've had the pleasure of living with this Jaguar iPace  for the last 3 days and I can only say it's fantastic. Read on for some real world ramblings on  every day life with an EV... 

Day 1: Work from home. Collect child from school. An early positive; a beaming 12yr old who was in awe of the cabin, the functions and acceleration. Took the dog out to the Park and back home for an overnight charge (the car, not the dog). 15 miles used.  

Day 2: A 200 mile  range (80% charged) on a 3-pin plug. Travel to Leamington Spa office (20 miles) and to Oxford for an afternoon meeting and back home. 100 miles left on the battery - more '3-pin action' overnight.  

Day 3: A round trip to Derbyshire and back to Droitwich to return the car to Listers (great Partners and thanks to Jon Williams). 20 mins on a 50kw charger on the way back, whilst catching up on e-mails in Costa. Had 185 miles left when I handed the keys back.  

What I learned: Anyone can have an EV for 'normal life' - I do 20k miles a year and it was easy to live with one for 3 days. 

This car's pace will blow your socks off; it's stupidly quick and the most fun I've had behind a wheel since I don't know when. 

The charger network is vast and accessible for us all. 

Go try one.